Mid Coast Gaming

SB-3000 3 Pocket Sorter

High volume with a low profile

The world's smallest 3 pocket sorter designed for high volume counting, the SB-3000 uses cutting edge twin Image Processing Technology to recognise banknotes and TITO tickets and discriminates between them. It is ideal for cash orientated venues and safe/count rooms with restricted space.

With modern design, a 4″ TFT Colour LCD and user-friendly interface, the SB-3000 has various and useful functions to keep up with growing customer requirements.

SB-3000 can also handle TITO (tickets, voucher). First, it scans and acknowledges gaming machine ID and amount. Second, it sends scanned images and analysed ID, amount and so on (customizable on request) to a PC for storage or send the data and images to a server.

The SB-3000 includes all features of the MIB-11 note counter.