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JetScan® 150 note scanner

Save time, increase security and improve productivity

The JetScan 150 1.5 pocket banknote scanning and counting machine offers you greater productivity because they offer non-stop processing. JetScan 150 processes next generation banknotes with ease, allowing for maximum note processing productivity.

The JetScan 150 note sorter quickly and accurately identifies the denomination of each and every note – at speeds up to 940 mixed notes per minute. Questionable, unreadable, unfaced/unoriented cash is off-sorted to the reject pocket without stopping the machine. This means greater productivity and time savings.

JetScan currency processing machines are high-functioning cash counters that sort mixed motes, face and orient notes and catch counterfeits. While counting one denomination, the scanner will off-sort any rogue notes without missing a beat. A $20 is never counted as a $5, which eliminates errors, speeds processing and frees operators to focus on other activities.

It also has advanced counterfeit detection capabilities. Outfitted with magnetic, fluorescent ultraviolet, infrared sensors, you'll be sure to catch most counterfeit bills, stopping them at the point of receipt or catching them before circulating them back to the market.

  • Feeder type: Automatic feeder with auto-sensing document detection
  • Transport: Beltless transport path
  • Four levels of memory: Keeps separate totals for: batch totals, sub-totals, grand totals and day totals
  • Adjustable pocket and strap stops: Strap stop limits can be established for each denomination and a separate pocket limit for mix mode
  • Unit/value display: Totals are shown as units and dollars
  • Add function: For cumulative counting when desired
  • Verification: Allows currency to be counted or recounted without changing day totals
  • Manual add: Lets users manually add counts for notes that are mutilated and not fully processed
  • Interface/communications: USB, RS232 and Ethernet
  • Display: 10.92 cm colour touch screen