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NC9500 Multi-Pocket Fitness Sorter

Restlessly in search of greater performance

NC9500, another revolutionary product from MA, is so far the most powerful fitness sorter in MA product portfolio, featuring expandable modular stacker design plus enhanced and reliable banknote authentication and fitness-sorting.

NC9500 stops suspicious notes by using the most advanced counterfeit detection technology in the industry. With the expandable stacker design, user is able to process banknotes in the shortest time.

Easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of cash handling process, it reduces workload with high speed and accuracy. Supporting most of the currencies worldwide, and various possibilities for connectivity, NC9500 satisfies the demand for large banknote handling environment.

Various Sorting Modes and Features

  • Count
  • Mix
  • Sort
  • Face
  • Orientation
  • Emission
  • Fitness
  • S/N Scan
  • Cheque Scan
  • TITO

Exceptional User Experience

User experience defines the last mile of a good product. Complex user experience can be exhausting and dragging down the efficiency. MA invested extra efforts to bring users the best of its technology, to significantly increase cash processing quality and efficiency.

By integrating a 7" LCD touch panel, NC9500 is able to provide an even more intuitive and easy way of operation, showing all useful information during banknote processing and lower the learning curve at the same time.

NC9500 is well-designed in order to perform fast and convenient jam removal with a pull of lever. This ensures the shortest time possible to restore back to operational state.

After-sales service and connectivity lead to up-to-date, easy and various methods of data output and software upgrade, to overcome case of new adaptation and emissions.


NC9500 features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy-duty operation.

Each of the sensors is designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are caught.