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JetScan iFX i400 Multi-Pocket Currency Sorter

Smallest, fastest, most flexible multi-pocket currency scanner and sorter

Significantly smaller, 39% faster and more flexible than any other multi-pocket currency sorter and processor, the JetScan iFX® i400 can have as few as 3 to as many as 17 pockets.


  • High speed currency counting and processing: Process currency at up to 1,000 notes per minute with less stopping for greater throughput, making money counting and sorting easier.
  • Configurable sorting pockets: Easily configure pockets for any denomination, and all pockets can be fully utilized for sorting or strap preparation. LED indicators provide status information for each pocket. Quickly set up and modify sort modes.
  • Assignable off-sort pockets: Designate one or two off-sort pockets to collect rejected or suspect documents.
  • Flexible system configuration: Configure from a 3 to 17-pocket system in a vertical or horizontal orientation to accommodate your space or operating requirements.
  • Counterfeit Detection: The most advanced counterfeit money detection in the industry. Patented sensors and analytic software analyze each bill, catching counterfeits that others miss.
  • Dynamic sorting: Reassigns empty pockets to a denomination on-the-fly and as needed, resulting in fewer switches of process modes and fewer stops from pocket-full conditions.
  • Intelligent jam clearing: Guides a user through the quick and easy process of clearing the jam, reconciling the count with minimal steps and resuming operation.
  • Continuous feed hopper: Automatic continuous feeding with 800-note capacity.
  • Double count: Counting accuracy is verified by a second count as bills pass through the transport path.
  • Easy-to-use: Change processing modes with the touch of a button on an 8" color touch-screen display. Option to show only the buttons needed for daily operation.
  • Future-ready design: Easily upgrade select models with a software activation key as new features become available.
  • Stranger mode: Reject all other denominations other than single target denomination. Reduces number of finite sort modes.
  • Wrong pocket removal recovery: Enhanced recovery process when the contents of the wrong pocket are removed. Instructions quickly and easily guide the user through the recovery, significantly reducing downtime and increasing productivity.