Mid Coast Gaming

NC6500 Compact 2-Pocket Fitness Sorter

Compact yet powerful

It is a cost-effective and low noise equipment specially designed for tellers.

Not only authenticates, but also process fitness sorting of counted banknotes. Capable of cheque scanning with the image processing technology. The all-in-one design makes all tedious operations in a snap.

Perfect for tellers when it comes to banknotes fitness handling.

Various Sorting Modes and Features

  • Mix
  • Count
  • Sort
  • Face
  • Orientation
  • Emission
  • S/N Scan
  • Fitness

State of art engineering

The in-house engineered sensors technology. Counting, authentication, fitness sorting, and serial number scanning simultaneously performed while processing notes.

Exceptional User Experience

Unique clamshell bill-path design provides quick and easy jam removal.

Thru graphic user interface, large LCD display and physical buttons offer an intuitive way for machine operation.

Solution for saving working space is provided by Real Dual User that allows 2 tellers/cashiers to share one device.