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JetSort® 1000 coin sorter and counter

Streamline your coin handling process

JetSort 1000 is a compact, versatile and reliable commercial coin sorter for small business coin counting and sorting operations. While small in size, its robust technology is full-featured, providing a wide variety of advanced options. Integrate the automatic coin sorter with a currency counter, printer or computer to maximise productivity and efficiency.

  • Gain efficiency with processing speeds up to 2,200 coins per minute
  • Ensure balanced deposits with superior accuracy
  • Convenient and space saving with a small footprint and front and side access to containers
  • Improve flexibility with the features and options designed for your business needs


  • Large control keys are easy to see and understand
  • Easy-to-read LCD display prevents errors by providing accurate coin totals and current operating status
  • Built-in lift tray makes coin pouring fast and requires no additional counter space
  • Easy programming and enhanced features meets your changing business needs