Mid Coast Gaming

MIB-5 Two-Pocket Note Counter

Only pay for the functionality you need

The MIB5 is ideal for pubs, clubs and cashier rooms and is excellent for ATM and bank note preparation. This unit also has infrared counterfeit detection, perfect for identifying forged notes and is fully configured for all the new Australian banknotes.

The MIB-5 two-pocket note counter will count and sort mixed denominations while simultaneously scanning for counterfeit notes and off-sorting TITO tickets if required. This unit comes with 10 currencies as standard. Built on the SB5+ technology this unit is faster, quieter and has enhanced functionality to process cash at hi-speed.

The MIB5 will also batch, sort, face, orientate and separate the old banknotes against the new ones. Its smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation and robust build quality ensures that it is one of the most reliable banknote counters available in Australia and is widely sought after by Banking and Gaming institutions worldwide.