Mid Coast Gaming

NC7100 2-Pocket Fitness Sorter

Excellence that exceeds your expectation

NC7100 heavy duty 2-pocket fitness sorter designed to achieve growing demand for efficient cash management in back office processes.

Mechanical design with reliable sensor set provide cutting edge solution for for back office processing that allow increase in efficiency and cost reduction.

Various Sorting Modes and Features

  • Mix
  • Count
  • Sort
  • Face
  • Orientation
  • Emission
  • TITO
  • S/N Scan
  • Fitness

State of art engineering

The in-house engineered sensors technology, Authenticates banknotes, Detect holes, tears, folded or tape, missing corners, stain and soils of banknotes, scan serial numbers, TITO, Cheques.

Exceptional User Experience

NC7100 as user friendly designed device provides great user experience thru0out daily operations. Complete range of system connectivity allows easy integration with course crash applications.

With the remarkably low jam rate and precise authentication, NC7100 us durable as it is reliable.